Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Positivity- Yeah!



Saturday, February 15, 2014

To me

Here I am, still alive, able to be present at this very moment of time. 

Able to breathe, able to sing, able to feel my every fiber within.

It's been tough, it's been rough, words itself just aren't enough.

But yet I know, with a new found hope I hold, 

I'm back and much better,

what does not kill you makes you stronger.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sushi Shock

2013 has brought me into 2 shocking events:

1. I am diagnosed with blood cancer.

2. I am unable to have sushi, the delicacy I ironically used to named this blog, for God knows how long because of the treatment I have to go to.

Which one shock me more? I'll take the second =(

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What is your belief?

Belief is a very big word. It is really the fundamentals of one's world view. I may not wish to conclude which belief is more right over the other; or who's belief is superior. The ball game of debates on belief is a never-ending rat race. Therefore with all due respect I am not writing this to discuss on people's belief, but I can not emphasize enough the importance of your belief.

1.   something believed; an opinion or conviction: a belief that the earth is flat.
2.   confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof

Whether we realize it or not, our belief almost shapes every single detail of our life. The way we see things, the way we react to situations, they way we see our future, the way we see others. If you believe in hardwork, you would probably emphasize diligence, effort and persistence very much. You may not be able to appreciate huge expensive free gifts or quick success or even plain compliments that did not come from your credentials and titles as those things do not require hard- self effort and hence does not fit into your belief system.

If you have a belief of inequality, that certain people naturally are of greater "status" than others, that some people may be gifted or blessed and some do not, then you probably would be led to believe that there are many things in life that you can not change and they are best left that way even though you disagree with it.

If you believe (I like this one) that you are not wealthy, than there would never be enough money that can satisfy you even if you earn 5 figures a month, because your belief system is constantly telling you that you do not have enough, get more.

The point of this matter is that all beliefs may come from valid circumstances to point one to that belief else we'll just be fools. But often times certain circumstances that brought us to a certain belief may not be conclusive as the world is bigger than the circumstance. A black person is seemingly seen as a second grade person back in the last 10 decades simply because the belief system was injected with such belief. They could not eat with the white people and are thought to be dirty and even perceived as a taboo. As time told its story, that belief who was embraced throughout the States and even embedded in legal literature was proved to be flawed and eventually the United States welcome its first and on the running Black President, Barrack Obama.

What we can deduced from this is, that the beliefs of the status quo are not universally eternal and sadly too many of a people brushed on to many beliefs that society says without really thinking about it. That if a man loves a man, that's unnatural and eventually was termed gay; that if an adult was a virgin, he or she must be unpopular or the geeks from "Big Bang Theory"; that a good life means good grades and employ-ability, cars and houses, neck ties and offices; that strong means no crying and holy means church attending (or any other religious fulfilling duties).

Yes beliefs are important and I cannot stress enough, but how many of us are giving serious thoughts to the things we termed as belief. To rethink how our very own world views are helping or limiting our lives. How do you perceived yourself? How do you see your future? How do you see the world, and the difference with you and without?

“When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and you’re life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family, have fun, save a little money.
That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.
Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”
-Steve Jobs

So, what is your belief? :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ernest Zacharevic

*There is no right time*
To do something great, or something you have always wanted, there is no right time. 
Go out and just make the time right.

 *Don't wait for the guy next door*
A lot of us don't do much until there is an opportunity. We wait for "the guy next door" to make a move. But sometimes things don't work that way. Get started with something while waiting. Don't wait for inspiration, do something while you wait for it.

*Live wrong*
Maybe wrong has been termed so bad that it became a taboo. But life isn't about living right. It's about doing wrong so many times that you finally get it right. Be daring to make mistake because then you would know where you need to make right.

*No one needs your art*
Art in itself does not benefit anyone. The society does not need your art.
Hence, you don't have to do art for anyone.
Do what you love not because people need it or people expect,
but simply because you really love it.


our dreams aren't that far away after all

Friday, October 12, 2012


Friday, September 7, 2012

An Article I Wrote For The School Magazine

Great Things Happen When We Believe

It almost felt like a dream, a fantasy that could only happen in lives of the talented and gifted. No, it could not be possible; to be given the luxury of a free plane flight across half the world; to be blessed with an opportunity to do, see, hear and feel things that I have only dreamt about; to be an honorable guest of the one of the world’s most renowned and historical university; to be referred as the representative of “Malaysia” alongside only the finest young speakers of other countries. No, that could not be for real.

My name is Bong Yang. I started college in TARC just like any one of you in 2008. I used to gaze upon the fluently articulated emcees during Mass Call and thought how great it would feel like to be able to speak so wittily to such a big crowd. I admire the seniors that greeted us during our first days of college who shared their success stories, of how possible it could be to both excel in studies and also be champions in other activities. I was truly inspired, but never thought it was possible. Success stories were for a few, I was just another freshman among the thousands of others. Why would I be the successful one?

The years went by as college life molded me to start believing and dreaming big. Even so, I had no idea something bigger than my dreams was coming my way. I was told by Ms. Val, my English lecturer that there was an English examination from Cambridge and the International winner would get an MBA scholarship. I actually broke out in laughter. It sounded so bizarre and farfetched that I thought I should definitely give it a try.

Bizarre indeed it was. Being one of the highest scorers of the examination, I was invited to the “National Level Cambridge English Speaking Competition” that was coincidentally held in that exact hall that I first dreamt of speaking on stage. The winner of the competition would be flown to Cambridge in UK to compete for an MBA scholarship. It was unbelievable. I held on tight to my guts, surrendered the rest to God and enjoyed my brief moment on stage. The next thing I know, they were announcing the winner and I heard my name and went up stage. I didn’t really know what was happening back then, probably looking back now, it was simply too good to be true. Cambridge? Really? Where in the world is Cambridge?

+Photo with the judges after winning  the National Level Cambridge English Speaking Competition in TARCollege

Cambridge is 80km north of London, says Wikipedia. On the 4th of July, I arrived in London after a 12 hours flight.  A RM500 taxi ride brought me to Cambridge (Cambridge paid the bill) where Isaac Newton and many other scientists that we never bothered memorizing from out text books used to study and do their research.  Cambridge was really a great host, having given a room to myself and abundance of food to enjoy, I was prepared to face the competition!

The competition came swiftly the next day while I was still jet-lagging. The finalists were required to present a speech about “The economic impact of Olympics towards its hosting country”, an impromptu speech and a Q&A Session.  The crowd roared when I ended my speech. Be it out of passionate cheer or plain courtesy, I walked off knowing I gave my best. Before the announcing of the results, many from the crowd came to me and commended on my presentation. It was a little overwhelming as the comments they gave sounded pretty conclusive. However as they announced the winner, my name was not mentioned this time.

+ Presentation during the competition

Although disappointed, I knew winning was not the most important thing. The experience of being in an International competition was fulfilling in itself. Having given the chance to see the world and travel the UK was amazing, especially when you have a passion for photography.

One of the most rewarding experience was the honor to mingle with the finalists from different countries. All of them were champions from their country, fluent in their language, sharp in their thinking and ability in articulating their thoughts. It was indeed satisfying to be competing as well as befriending them.

+New found friends from different parts of the world

We were all like little ambassadors of our country. Through each other we learned of the history, culture, happenings as well as the concerns of the very people of each country that the media would never tell. The differences in values, belief and manner were very tangible but yet through that I learned to honor and respect differences, to embrace unity in diversity and not conformity. Being able to know one another and share thoughts and ideas definitely widen our perspectives that so often bound us to a limited world-view.  The world indeed is much bigger than the one we see through our lenses.

Truly, from a freshman who thinks he would have to helplessly live an ordinary life to one that has been sent overseas to speak on behalf of Malaysia, sounds too good to be true, a fairytale-liked dream that could only happen to the very few gifted and talented. The truth is who says fairytales cannot come true?  Every one of us are gifted in our own ways, we have talent buried inside of us that yearns to show up. The last thing we would want to do is to think small of that God-given potential, much like me when I first joined college, and thank God that He totally ruined my plan of being mediocre an ordinary.

“And these signs will follow those who believe” Mark 16:17

Let’s not give up on the dreams that we use to have, or the dreams we do not dare to dream.
Let’s start thinking and dreaming big again, because great things happen when we start to believe!  

Bong Yang

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Work with 3 graphic designers

 Design and be creative

 Drink Coffee

Take photographs

Design websites

Make videos and produce short-films



No, facebook IS part of my job.

Not bad,

Not bad at all.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

The 2012 Hairstyle

I found out a very peculiar happening, recently.

Besides the fact that blogger has changed its format and that writing has become much easier without the need of constant scrolling due to its small tiny box... *breathes.

is that all the people I like/look up to share something in common. 

In the midst of my love-hate-relationship with my hair wondering whether to cut it short, 
this is what I found out:

Jason Mraz, singer song writer who has crazy guitar skills changed his appearance from this, 

to this 2012 long haired, bearded homeless look. 

John Mayer joined in the 2012 hyped as well,Mayer, who write songs that makes both guys and girls melt and in my opinion has even more mad guitar skills changed his hairstyle to this old school long hair dude, that looks charmingly, homeless

How can we ever forget Johnny when it comes to the 2012 long hair look!

well, i guess he never really changed his hairstyle.

Dear Loki, who successfully confused the girls between the bad guys and the good guys

 had long medusa looking hair

 I don't really like him

Aha! This one's a must to mention. Having gold dust appearing miraculously and feathers dropping out of no where,Bill Johnson has also recently joined in the 2012 long hair club

                                                                      looks way cooler doesn't it?

Ok, so all the signs photos tell me that long hair is "THE" hair of the year. But I am still not convinced, 

till I saw this,

O yea Kim Walker! I am definitely keeping my hair long now.